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Latest Magazine Posts:

Modern Locomotives Illustrated Issue 206 – April/May 2014

Following sectorisation of the UK railways, and splitting the passenger and freight operations, it was soon identified that new purpose-built heavy freight locomotives were much needed, with virtually all the freight assets being in the closing years of their lives. Railfreight decided to go to full competitive tender for t…Read More

Steam Days – April 2014 Issue 296

Wherever you live in the British Isles, Steam Days offers nationwide coverage of ‘The Days of Steam’. You can be assured of interesting and informative reading in each issue, enhanced with top-quality pictures in colour and black & white and printed to a very high standard.
Steam Days – April 2014 Issu…Read More

Continental Modeller March 2014

Continental Modeller your passport to the best in International Railway Modelling. Regarded as essential reading for every enthusiast who models the different railways of the world.
Continental Modeller March 2014 Features:

RAILWAY OF THE MONTH ZWEITESFELD – Steve Tinsley begins the description of his first attempt a…Read More

Australian Model Engineering Mar/Apr 2014 Issue

Australian Model Engineering is the magazine for model engineers ‘down under’. While our focus is on Australia and New Zealand we do have readers and contributors from right around the world.
Australian Model Engineering Mar/Apr 2014 Issue Covers:

Wagga Wagga 2013 – A report of the annual Invitation Day held in N…Read More

Tag (Sweden)

Train is the leading railway magazine and is published twelve times a year (two double issues). Each issue is 44 pages or more. Read about everything from railway history to modern high-speed trains. We write about travel, both domestically and in foreign countries. In the news section gives you all the important news from …Read More

Railways Illustrated Apr. 2014 Vol. 12 No 4

Each issue of Railways Illustrated offers a comprehensive round-up of the latest news and topical events from the UK across the present day railway, including heritage traction in operation on the main lines.
Railways Illustrated Apr. 2014 Vol. 12 No 4 Features:

On the production line – All the new train orders post …Read More

Rail Express Mar 2014 Issue 214

Rail Express is essential reading for today’s rail enthusiast. It has all the latest news from across Britain’s railway network, illustrated with superb photographs of traction in action.
Rail Express Mar 2014 Issue 214 Contents:

BLAENAU DIESELS: Steve Morris concludes his trio of features looking at North Wales’ bra…Read More

The Railway Magazine Mar 2014 – Issue 1356

The Railway Magazine is Britain’s best-selling rail title. Published continuously since 1897, it prides itself on its incisive news content and its unique blend of award-winning photos, in-depth features, interviews and exclusives.
The Railway Magazine Mar 2014 – Issue 1356 Features:

East Midlands 125: In this mont…Read More

Railway Digest March 2014

Railway Digest brings you the very latest in railway news. Published every month since 1963, Railway Digest contains news, full-length articles on current topics, historical and operational information from all of Australia’s railways.
Railway Digest March 2014 Features:

 The slowing of Brisbane’s suburban ele…Read More

Old Glory (UK) March 2014 Issue

Old Glory is Britain’s best-selling magazine for steam and vintage machinery enthusiasts. Its blend of news, rally reports, exclusive features and archive material has provided inspiration for new restoration projects as well as giving readers a rare look at some old favourites.
Old Glory (UK) March 2014 Issue Features:

Read More